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Once upon a time in a rink far far away a little girl named Lindsay discovered her love for skating and dance. With passion, hard work and determination she became successful and achieved many accomplishments as an athlete and artist.

Lindsay's love for skating and dance led her to become a coach, nurturing her own students love and passion for the sport while guiding them to their own successes and accomplishments as athletes within the figure skating field.

But Lindsay noticed that something was missing... And so Slush Kouture was born. Slush Kouture was created to fill a need for customized team and club apparel specifically designed for skaters, dancers, gymnasts, synchronized swimmers and girls sports teams. "Slush Kouture wants these athletes who are original, artistic and athletic to have fabulous looking apparel that fits their body types properly". Slush Kouture brings a cool edgy style with that girlie flare and throws in a little bit of "Bling" which we all love. All apparel is designed specifically for these athletes; using cutting edge design, top quality fabric and all clothing is Proudly Made in Canada using ethical business practices.

Look and feel fabulous with Slush Kouture!